Staircase Remodel

One of our final projects for our first and second floor home remodel was our gorgeous staircase! Growing up, I have lived in two primary homes that did not have a second floor; therefore, having a staircase in our home has been such a fun addition for me! We even have two (the second to be remodeled at a later date with the basement)! 

Our entire home consists of beautiful original red oak hardwood floors that for some reason were covered up by carpet by previous owners on the staircase and entire second floor! After moving in we pulled back a small section in a closet hoping the hardwood upstairs would be just as nice and we were quickly in love . . . all over again!

Staircase Before


My sweet sweet carpet loving husband loved our hardwood floors so much he surprised one day and removed all the carpet upstairs and on the staircase while I was at work! I had no idea he was working so hard with the hope of pleasing his hardwood floor loving wife. Don’t worry, I still thank him often! We forgot to take an immediate “after carpet removal” picture but decided to remove the previous stain to work towards our final product . . . a painted staircase!

Beginning the stain removal process

I purchased a hardwood stain remover from our local hardware store and went to town for what seemed for HOURS . . . Because I am new at “home remodeling” this was definitely a learning process! If you are looking at remodeling your staircase, I recommend making sure you have lots of time for this step and a good mask to help with the strong fumes!

After stain removal


Once the stain was removed to my liking (I am sure a professional would cringe) I sanded down the entire staircase to help remove even more stain and to ensure all surfaces were smooth. Once again, make sure you have several hours for this step!

Once the sanding was complete, I filled each and every hole (where staples once were and of course the normal “wear and tear”) with wood putty to make sure all surfaces were smooth. Once dried, I sanded the stairs again and prepped for the paint.

Now here is where I would recommend you complete a step we did NOT do . . . because once again we are new to this remodel “thing!” Before painting, be sure to prime your stairs especially IF your stairs are red oak from the 1930s. If not primed properly, the red oak can make your paint have a slight pink tinge color in areas. We definitely learned the wrong way but thankfully not many notice!

I found painting the staircase to be relaxing! We used left over paint from Sherwin Williams in the color Requisite Gray that was used on the staircase walls. The stair backs we painted with Extra White from Sherwin Williams.




Our final step was sealing the paint with a couple coats of polycrylic!


Though I loved the painted stairs, I knew for durability of the staircase over the years of many feet it would be best to place a runner on the staircase! After reading another blog, I loved the look of their staircase with rugs used and purchased from target! We had to purchase four in total and absolutely loved how they turned out!


My handy husband both nailed and stapled the rugs in the stairs and cut each rug to where they ended under an edge of a stair (in hope it would be less noticeable to guests). Can you tell?

Our number one advice: be sure to measure your distance on the rug placement on each stair to ensure a perfectly straight runner!


I am so in love with how our staircase turned out! I feel the light colors and runner brighten up the space and add to the character of our front entrance!


If you look closely, the husband even replaced the light switch and hall light 🙂


love always, kylie

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