When three simple words combined can mean so much more . . .

I do not remember the first time I said “I love you” to my parents, nor my sisters, nor the first boy I fell for. I do not remember the first time a friend, family member, nor past boyfriend told me “I love you.” What I do remember is the very first time Brian said those three simple words . . . “I love you.”

Moments of Grace Photography

Growing up, I loved the idea of love. I loved feeling loved by others and I loved loving others. I like to think it is because I am a romantic at heart and always longed to have that “once in a lifetime” kind of love. As a teenager I gave my heart too easily to others and though I do wish I would have used the “I love you” phrase a lot less as a teenager and young adult, I do not think loving others is something someone should ever hold back (it’s what the Bible tells us to do)! Loving someone is nothing but the most selfless and special gift you could ever give away of yourself.

Because of what I knew of my past and how badly I wanted to treat my dating relationship with Brian, we individually chose to withhold those three simple words. We never spoke about waiting “until the right moment” nor did we ever discuss when it would be “okay” to say “I love you.” What I did know early on in our relationship was that Brian did love me; he did not have to tell me. And when I ask him, he says he knew I loved him all along too. Our actions easily displayed our love for one another; no words were needed. Now I am not saying we were not believers in the cliche “I love you” phrase (it is my favorite thing to say!); we instead were believers in keeping that phrase quiet until the moment in our relationship we knew loving one another would be forever.

That moment occurred on July 2, 2013 when Brian got down on one knee and in the same sentence asked me to be his wife. After almost a year of getting to know one another quickly becoming best friends, and another six months of dating I finally heard the three words I had always longed to hear from my future husband. AND I finally said them back through the happiest and heaviest tears!

Moments of Grace Photography

I. Love. You.

Fast forward almost four years later and those three words still mean just as much to me as they did on the day we got engaged. I tell Brian “I love you” more than any phrase I use on a daily basis because simply put, I love him.

When it comes time to tell that special someone “I love you,” it is my hope that you display that with your heart one hundred percent and to never use those three simple words lightly, especially when said in a romantic relationship. Save them for the one you know will be your “forever.” And when you do love the one for you, I truly believe you can never say it enough! If you mean those words whole heartedly, the individual receiving them will not feel loved too much (it’s not possible)!

While Brian listens to the new Beauty and the Beast soundtrack (yes, he is listening to it on his own hehehe) I will remind him just like I did an hour ago, “Hun, I love you so much.”

love always,


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