Our Entryway Remodel

I love sharing a place with my best friend who we can call together, “our home.”

Over the many months of renovation, we have worked hard on creating a place we could feel comfortable in that fit our style/needs. As my bare blog clearly shows, our home renovation came with many hiccups which caused many more months of remodel than we originally expected. One of the “easiest” and smallest areas of our home remodel was our front door entryway. When I first saw it during our home buying process, I fell in love with the character of the door, the charm of the mailbox, and the idea of a small area that leads into the rest of our home. While I loved the space, I knew it needed a little work to make it our own . . . as seen in the before picture below.


We were both not a fan of the brick linoleum and were speechless when we discovered someone had placed ugly linoleum over the gorgeous hardwood floors! Honestly, the linoleum was the first “thing” to go in our home remodel process. Because of the possibility of asbestos in the tar paper, Brian took the lead in the removal project which took an uncountable amount of hours to remove.

I am so grateful to my husband for taking the time to remove all that he possibly could, leaving what was left for our the team who refinished our hardwood floors.

Several months later our hardwood floors were refinished and we couldn’t have been more happy with how they turned out! I mean look at the difference! Whoever is chooses linoleum over hardwood floors is just plain crazy (in my opinion).

Between the time of the linoleum removal and the floor renovation, we painted our entryway with Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray and the trim with Extra White. Paint alone brightened up the space! Brian also replaced the old light fixture with a new one to match the rest of the home and completed the remodel with a newly painted ceiling.

Once we moved in, I knew exactly what piece of furniture I wanted for the front entryway. I had purchased an old entryway table at an antique shop many months before and finally had the excuse to pull it out and paint it!


I pulled out my Pure White Annie Sloan Chalk paint and went to town! After a quick sanding and cleaning, it was time to go to work!


I loved how warn it was prior, and how new yet used it would look after a couple coats of paint! A wonderful quality about chalk paint is its fast drying feature. Two coats of paint, and a good sanding after gave it the character I had hoped for!

Another quick clean up and the entryway decorating began! I wanted to add pieces new and old to simplify the tiny space while adding a touch of character.




My favorite piece? The “Love one another” sign that was made from a door piece found in rubble from the Joplin, MO tornado in 2011, something close to my heart.





I am so pleased with how our entryway turned out and cannot wait to show you the rest of our new home! What do you think? Can you think of anything we should add? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


love always, kylie

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