everyday purse must haves

anytime you leave the house, there are those “must have” items that you just can’t go anywhere without.  as women we tend to need much more than men, but personally i’m okay that.  I kind of love the look on my husbands face when he asks for or wants a drink of my water, a piece of gum, my chap stick, tissues, or my phone charger. I know everyone has different ideas of what they think they need, or lets be honest, how heavy you want your purse to feel but i wanted to quickly share what i have on hand in my purse on a daily basis! i love learning about what others keep in their purse so that i can find new products to try; therefore, i hope you find something mentioned below to be just what you have been looking for!

hand lotion: my sister recently introduced me to this brand and i love it! while it can be a bit pricey, it is the perfect size, comes in amazing scents, and is the creamiest!

gum: i rarely chew gum because i am that weird person where too strong of a minty gum can make my tummy feel funny.  so once i was able to find a gum that wasn’t too strong while holding its flavor, i was hooked! this gum is the only brand my husband and i use and because of that it tends to be a stocking stuffer for each of us yearly – haha!

portable phone charger + earphones: some days i do not need to charge my phone and other days i can’t seem to keep it charged! especially for day long trips, i take a portable phone charger with me! i use the atomi device charger and i can get a full charge plus more with each use. i also have heard amazing things about this charger (it can charge a phone up to almost five full times, and charge three devices simultaneously)!

blank cards + stamps: two things you need to know about me: gift giving/receiving is my love language and i am extremely sentimental. because of this, i always keep blank cards and a book of stamps in my bag.  if the opportunity arises for me to write a thank you note or simply a “thinking of you” card, i can do it on the go before i forget to do it later in the day! i usually buy my cards in the dollar section at Target as they are not only affordable, but a great size. but obviously you can get cards anywhere!

hair ties: the same sister who introduced me to the new lotion, introduced me to these hair ties! they hold your ponytail in place and when the time comes for you to take your hair down, there is no crease in sight! you can get them from Michaels, Sephora, Target, H&M, or even Walmart!


lip products: we all need our chap stick. my favorite affordable one is this one but my all time favorite is by Sugar! i have always loved lip gloss and am currently growing to love matte/liquid lipstick. my all time favorite affordable lip gloss line is the butter glosses by NYX. i cannot speak enough about how creamy, non-sticky, and full of color they are! i have a couple shades on hand at all times. my favorite all time beauty brand is bareMinerals. most of the makeup i own is bareMinerals and because of that i have their lipgloss and matte lipstick in my purse or diaper bag at all times!

a good book: reading is definitely a favorite of mine. while i have slacked on the amount of reading i do lately, there is nothing like diving into a good book and getting lost in a new world. a friend asked me to read the Night Circus with her and while she finished hers right away, life has been crazy and it took me a while to read this one! some of my favorite books are A Love Worth Giving, Calling Me Home, Unbroken, the Baxter Series, and any thrillers by Travis Thrasher. i recommend a good book to have on hand for those moments you find yourself waiting at the doctor, car dealership, for a class to start, or while waiting to board the plane! we spend enough time on our phones already so why not dive into something deeper!

perfume: maurices has the sweetest line of scents for the everyday woman! i love their travel size because it never leaks, isn’t too bulky or heavy, and sprays evenly!

sunglasses: i have the most sensitive eyes ever. i am constantly wearing sunnies even if it is cloudy out! after years of spending money on cheap glasses, i finally received a pair of Ray-Bans from my father and have not purchased another pair since! i definitely recommend investing in a nicer pair.

medicine: i always have Benadryl on hand for a food allergy i have (along with an epi pen), Tylenol for when an unforeseen headache arises, and aspirin (for that one person who might be having a heart attack i encounter. yes, random and creepy but it’s just the nurse in me).

individual bags: to keep my purse clean and organized i put most items in their own assigned bags such as a separate bag for makeup, for toiletries, for electronics, and for coupons/gift cards. i usually get my bags from the $1 section at Target.

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i hope you found even one item to be new or inspiring for your every day purse! i am always looking for new must have items so pleasssse send me your recommendations!

love always, kylie


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