A Year to Remember

Let me tell you, this past year has been one to remember. After much discussion, prayer, and feeling lead in one direction, Brian and I started 2016 by packing up our entire town home and moving a state over to relocate beginning a new adventure in our marriage. Was moving an easy decision? No. Did I spend months and months crying wondering if we made the right move? Yes. Did I trust God and my husband? Yes.

With that being said, 2016 was one surprising year full of only “ups” and knowing we were exactly where we “needed” to be.

At the end of 2015 we felt God was telling our hearts change was coming. We were ready for a change in our daily scenery but were unsure of what that change would entail. With prayer and waiting, in December of 2015 we got our answer. It was time to relocate and so we did.

The big move allowed one of my biggest dreams to come true – to be a wife. Yes, I’ve been a wife for over three years now but I also was a full time working wife who worked night shift for most of our marriage. I never felt present enough. With the move, I became a full time wife while maintaining my nursing background PRN. Honestly, it was the biggest draw for me being “okay” with the move from a city and friends I loved so much.


We also knew moving would allow Brian to have his chance at his “dream” job. In our first years of marriage he worked hard at his past job and never complained as he watched me enjoy my daily life as a Neuro Trauma ICU RN. While I found enjoyment and fulfillment in my work, I knew deep down he didn’t in his. With this realization, I knew I wanted change for him; for us. We prayed individually and together, asking God for the path He saw fit for our lives. The timing was perfect . . .

Brian soon received an offer we could not pass up, and I turned in my notice the same day. Within a month we were moved and on the road to our new town.

Thankfully most all of our family now lived within a hour; therefore, it was easy to feel comfortable in our new town. Soon after settling, we found it time to start looking for our first home. We both had different ideas of what we thought we liked which made our house hunting adventure interesting for our realtor! While I wanted “old with charm,” Brian wanted “new with no need for fixing up.” Ten houses later and we were just as confused as ever . . . that is until we found what we thought was “the one.”


We had the opportunity to look at home that was yet to be on the market – an old home newly remodeled. The minute we walked in, we looked one another and said “this is it!” We loved everything about the home. The tall ceilings, the brand new kitchen, the perfect bathrooms, and the gorgeous hardwood floors. The home was full of charm and we said we’d do anything to make it ours. Within a couple days our happy hearts were quickly broken as the owners decided not to sell. I quickly gave up looking and Brian promised me we would not look at another home that was not active on the market.

A couple weeks later we began the house hunting process again but nothing felt like “home.” Once again, discouragement set in. That was until our realtor asked us to look at another house that was NOT on the market . . . being hesitant I let Brian look at it before me. While I worked a shift out of town, he looked at the house and immediately FaceTimed me, telling me he knew he found our home. Our realtor still loves telling me about the continuous smile he had on his face throughout the house tour. The house had (most) everything Brian knew I wanted. A gorgeous deck attached to a sunroom, a big yard for future children, original hardwood floors, a fireplace, and so much more. A week later I was able to see our future home for the first time. He was right. It was our home.

On our deck the day our home became ours!

Within a couple of months it became our home! Unlike the house previously, the current owners were serious about selling and made the house buying experience so easy because the home was never officially placed publicly on the market. We were so thankful to our realtor, the owners, and to God for making the entire experience easy and enjoyable.

In the summer of 2016, we officially could call the home in our hearts “ours.” Despite loving our new home, we knew there would be some remodeling needing to be done to make it feel like our own. Because of this we decided to wait to move in until the first two stories were completely remodeled and move in ready. We did not have a time frame and over the past six months, have taken our time in making our home truly “our home.”

As seen in a previous post, I listed our plans for remodeling the first two floors and due to my lack of blog posts one can guess that the list grew and grew. Just like many warned us, one project quickly turned into three. As discouraging as new projects were, we were thankful to have found them prior to moving in. I am so thankful to my husband who has worked so hard this past half year in making our home exactly as I pictured and for allowing me to dream.

Staircase Before and After

Guest bedroom Before and After

Dining Room Before and After (eventually will get a new light!)

We have now been in our home a little over a week and we have never felt so “at home” and comfortable. Though some projects were more enjoyable than others, we couldn’t be any more happy with the finished results; therefore, I plan on sharing all of our home remodel projects with you! Be on the lookout for future Home on Lawrence remodel posts!

We are so grateful for what 2016 brought to our marriage and lives. We had the opportunity to move to a new town, start new jobs, buy a home, travel the country, meet our sponsor children in Africa, and remodel 3/4 of our home! 2016 was definitely a year to remember . . . though we think 2017 will be even better 🙂

love always, kylie

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