Visiting Uganda – Meeting Our Brian

Oh goodness how much I have missed you all! Obviously, I have been very absent this last month but it’s been for amazing reasons! During this last month we have made much progress on our home remodel and celebrated our three year wedding anniversary in Africa! October is my favorite month of the year . . . and I cannot believe it’s over in a few short hours. October is full of colors, changing leaves, pumpkin flavored anything, and of course the anniversary of our wedding day.

Since our wedding day, Brian and I promised one another we would always treat our anniversary date with a yearly vacation to celebrate. Year one was spent revisiting our honeymoon destination, year two was Orlando and Disney World (I was in princess heaven) and this year . . . was AFRICA!

Our first stop . . . Uganda. One might ask why we chose Africa as an anniversary destination? Again, as a couple we have many aspirations and dreams “to accomplish” before we see heaven and one was to meet our two little guys we sponsor monthly. About five years ago we each started sponsoring a child prior to dating and have gotten to know our boys through hand written letters and yearly “update” pictures. They have become our family. Because they are our family, we spent two years preparing for our travels to their home countries to finally see their adorable faces.

Brian’s little guy just happens to share his name and has the most adorable toothless smile. The organization through which we sponsor Brian helped to arrange our meeting and planned a full day of seeing the project headquarters, visiting Brian’s home and meeting his family. The day was perfect! Just see for yourself . . .

Brian meeting Brian for the first time! Be still my heart . . .


We knew his favorite sport was “football” so Brian knew what gift he wanted to get him! The minute he spotted the soccer ball he was on his knees (a sign of respect in his culture) and all smiles!


They had a blast playing “football” together!

Of course we had to make him a KC Royals fan!

While we brought chocolate from our hometown, they gifted us with . . .

a chicken . . . we have no idea what happened to that chicken!


We truly had an amazing time visiting Brian and his family and getting to experience their home life!

If you and or your family have ever thought about sponsoring a child in need I cannot tell you enough how rewarding it is! Each handwritten letter you receive from them in the mail is like receiving a gift at Christmas! Through their words and drawings you get to know their personalities, their families, and their hearts! If you already sponsor a child, I highly recommend making a goal to visit them one day! The 24 hours of traveling, many plane flights later, and hours of preparing are totally worth every minute spent with your sponsor child.

There are so many children in this world needing your love and support no matter whether it be in America or the many other countries available to sponsorship organizations. When you have time please take a moment to check out two sponsorship organizations we sponsor our boys through:

World Vision


Wishing you all a happy halloween and hope you found Brian’s sweet smile to warm your heart just like it has ours!

love always, kylie

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