Home “Honey Do’s”

When dating, Brian and I didn’t see ourselves owning a home within five years of marriage. We didn’t see ourselves moving back to Kansas. We saw ourselves living overseas. We saw ourselves doing ministry and helping those in third world countries. We prayed for those opportunities. Despite what we wanted, we mostly prayed for God to use us in the way He knew He needed us. We prayed for his guidance and to make any “big” life decision clear and to “go” smoothly. God knew our desires and thoughts for our lives, but in the end, it was His will that won. Today I couldn’t be more thankful.

We relocated to back Kansas this year (not something we ever wanted to do) after much prayer and very clear direction from God. Due to a quick move and living out of state, we never had the opportunity to decide what our next step was in a future “home.” We had been renting a townhouse and assumed we’d still rent after moving. Well, once again we were wrong.

After a couple months in our new town we found ourselves at several unfamiliar doorsteps in search of our perfect home. A house we could call home. More on our house hunting “adventures” in a later post! 

Brian found our home. Well, our realtor found our home (more on that later too! It truly is an amazing story!). The home that was not “our” home WAS our home. I couldn’t stop dreaming about it and wanting to make it ours. After months of waiting, we opened the doors to our home in the middle of July. Oh I will remember that moment until my last breath.

Our first evening spent at our home was sitting on our new couch, eating dinner, and simply talking about our future plans for our place. I squealed at the thoughts of what it could be and still squeal today while painting each brush stroke at a time! We made a list of “honey do’s” we wanted to complete in our home before moving in. Day one our list was big. Day 70 in and our list is mighty.

People tell you owning a home is a huge responsibility and that you won’t understand it until you own one. I am now one of those people. It took TWO weeks just to clean our home head to toe. Two weeks . . . Yes we both work; therefore, I should have been more realistic from the beginning but I am a dreamer! I am a romantic dreamer who pictures her husband coming home from work and giving me the biggest hug as I prepare dinner. But you know what? I am so happy to have my current “picture” look completely different because I love spending all my free time making our home, our home. One day at a time.

Though most of you may not care what our “honey do’s” are for our home, I want to share them because . . . I want that reminder five years from now. I want to remember all the hard work we put into our home.

*If slashed through, we have completed that project!

Second Floor

Remove carpet from entire floor and staircase (can’t wait to share about this later! Brian surprise me one day after work knowing how much I love hardwood floors!)

Refinish hardwood floors

Remove linoleum from bathroom floor and place tile

Replace bathroom vanity and light fixture

Remove bathroom door and place a sliding door

Paint all three bedrooms, bathroom, and hallway

Paint and re-stain staircase

Main floor

Remove ugly linoleum from front door entrance

Refinish hardwood floors

Paint entryway, stairwell, and living room

Add paneling to wall and repaint dining room

Paint kitchen cabinets and walls

Add backsplash to kitchen walls

Paint sunroom and replace curtains

Replace light fixtures


Paint stairs and entire basement

Replace bathroom vanity and light fixture

Replace tile in bathroom

Replace tile in basement

Replace shower


Replace entire sidewalk

Remove and replace new front steps/porch

Reseed front lawn

Remove brick and tree from backyard

Repaint house (this will be a down the road project for sure!)

As you see, our list is mighty. But I love it and love knowing we are doing it together. As days go on, our list gets bigger. Yet one day, our list will be complete.

Here are a couple before pictures, in the process pictures, and some after pictures!

Second floor

Before: Old blue and cream carpet upstairs.

In process: Gorgeous hardwood hiding underneath the carpet!

Before: bathroom (forgot to take a picture before we removed the old mirror and light)

In process: Hardie-backer board down and ready for tile and a new vanity

Before: Hallway with carpet. In process: New paint and hardwood floor.

Before: Staircase with carpet. In process: Staircase sanded and ready for staining.

Main floor

Before: Ugly linoleum with nasty tar paper (this stuff is a beast). In process: Removal of linoleum.

Before: Old light fixtures. In process: Replacing light fixtures.


Before: Dining room wall with large cracks (plaster walls)


After: Dining room walls with sealed cracks, new paint, and paneling!


dscn1005Before: Front sidewalk.

Version 3In process: New sidewalk being placed.

As time goes on, I will blog each area separately with “how to” for each new feature of our home! I cannot wait to show you all “after” pictures! We are almost half way done! Eeekkkk!

*For those who ask often, we are not moving into our home until our list is completed (apart from the entire basement list) because we don’t want to be those people who say “someday we will get this done!” 🙂

Have a lovely week!

love always, kylie

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