happy first birthday miller

When I think back to the past three hundred and sixty five days, the word that comes back to my mind is “joy.” Becoming parents and working as a team to love Miller as the child God has given to us has been everything to our hearts and more. I expected to love my child unconditionally, I expected some days would consist of tears, I expected moments of frustration, and I expected to see qualities in our son I would love and laugh at. What I did not expect when becoming a parent was instantly understanding and getting a glimpse of the kind of love God has for us all as His children. You simply cannot understand it until you become a parent yourself.

As a parent, you would do anything for your child. You would lay down your own life for your child. You will unconditionally love your child. You love your child just as God loves us. He loves each and every one of us as HIS child and set us apart before we were even born (Jeremiah 1:5). While we prayed for and loved Miller before he ever existed, God knew he would be ours all along, and for that, I am forever amazed and grateful.

While Miller was on the smaller side at birth for being overdue, he never once lost an ounce of weight and has continued to gain each and every single day. He is around twenty-six pounds and his enormous head is always in the 97+ percentile. Because of his head and weight, the poor kid still refuses to crawl, but just in the last two days has learned to get up over his feet and onto his knees.

Now, our kid is one talented guy because he can crawl on his back . . . backwards. AND he can get anywhere he wants by doing that combined with rolling haha. He can halfway pull himself up to an object, and loves loves loves standing! Miller has eight teeth and will eat about anything beside green beans, peas, pasta, scrambled eggs and chicken.

He will say “DaDa” more than anything else, including “MaMa.” He likes to remind us just how opinionated or loud he can be with his voice these days. If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen the signature “Miller noise.” I am thinking about trademarking it . . .


Some of his favorite things are:

Being outside
Waving good-bye
Blowing bubbles
Listening to music (especially his father’s choice of music)
Bath time (with his father)
Seeing his father come home (are you starting to see that Brian is his favorite?!)
Playing peek a boo
People watching (you will be his favorite person if you have a hat on)


Napping (this kid LOVES and NEEDS his naps)

While he does resemble Brian in many ways, his hair straight up comes from his mother. Poor guy. Maybe I should trademark that too.


Every single month has been my new favorite. Literally . . . I thought meeting your child, snuggling them, breastfeeding, and watching Brian cradle Miller were the best “things” in life. No one told me how awesome months four and on were. Nothing compares to seeing your child smile and giggle at you, knowing they can now show you they know who you are and how much they love you.



Just as the saying goes, “the nights are long, but the years are short”; we plan to soak in every single second God gives us with this big guy. Before we know it, he will be 6570 days old and that just . . . let’s not talk about that.

*All pictures taken by the extremely talented Joee Seibel with Moments of Grace Photography!*

love always, kylie

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