Friends First

Though Brian and I loved each other from day one, we were friends first. Our friendship was our priority and that priority made all the difference.

Our friendship formed almost one year after meeting while living in two different cities over three hours apart. We slowly grew to know one another over texting, phone calls, and spending time together in group settings in public. I learned Brian had just started a fast from dating with the goal of centering his heart on God and focusing on a relationship with  Him. Knowing Brian’s heart was centered around the One all hearts should be centered on attracted me immediately. This is, until I found out this “dating fast” would be ONE year long. Read More »

Finding “The One”

Growing up, I wondered what “my husband” would look like, what his name was, where he lived, what his interests were, and what his family was like.  I found myself often laying in bed at night picturing “him” at the end of the aisle, wondering if he had blonde or brown hair, if he was blue eyed or brown eyed, and what his build would be like. Mostly I would wonder when I would meet him and know he was “the one.”Read More »