classic and comfortable: the unique wood watch

Every season, I find myself wanting to completely clean out my closet and start fresh. This spring season, I have a different goal in mind. I have a goal to become more of a minimalist with my wardrobe, keeping only classic, versatile, and comfortable items. This includes accessories. One accessory I simply cannot live without is a watch because, well, they are practical! My favorite watches by far are the JORD wood watches.Read More »

Better days are coming

I’ll be honest. My heart isn’t here today. My heart hurts. My heart wants to be with one of my closest friends who is soon to be at the feet of Jesus. I am so selfishly sad I will never hear her precious laugh again, but I am so joyously happy she is soon to be with her husband, loved ones, and especially our Lord!

Knowing I still wanted to share a fun post with you all today, I felt today’s outfit was fitting for how my heart is currently feeling. This outfit, as you see, is perfect for those when all you can think about is . . . the weekend. Read More »

Date Night Lace Dress

July 2nd marked three years since Brian asked me to marry him. Our proposal day was perfect. He did an amazing job at making me feel like a princess all day, leading to the most romantic surprise proposal. What made our particular proposal even more special was that it included the three words every couple shares, “I love you.” I knew he loved me prior to that moment but finally hearing it made everything so real . . . and the ring even more real!

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Every day comfort

When it comes to shopping … I shop. You mention the simple “S” word to me and I am in the vehicle, purse in hand, and seatbelt buckled before you can even finish asking. I like to think of it as a hobby. My husband would completely disagree.

While I love to shop, I do not enjoy spending more money than I know an item should be worth. It is so easy for us as women to love a post on instagram by our favorite fashion blogger only to find out that pair of jeans is well over $100. *Insert cough here*

Over the years I have done my best to build a wardrobe perfect for me where I can comfortably say did not break the bank. It is my goal to share my love for shopping, to let you know about the best deals and sales, and when the perfect piece comes along!

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