everyday essentials for our home


I love being home. It is truly my favorite place to be. Isn’t it for us all?

When I think of home, I think of comfort. Home is often the place we feel most comfortable to be ourselves and most often where we all yearn to be. Especially with what is going on in this world, we are all spending more time at home than our “usual.”

When at home, it is important for me to feel comfortable and for my guests to feel comfortable. That comfort can come from the help of Alexa (Amazon Echo), the yummiest espresso, the ease of cooking, or even the ability to remove a stain from spilled wine and/or quickly kill that pesky fly. Over the years, we have slowly collected items for our home that we now consider to be our everyday essentials in helping us and our guests to feel comfortable and content. I specifically chose items to share that can currently be ordered off of Amazon . . . because we all know we are rarely leaving our homes right now!

espresso machine – After Miller came into our lives, I quickly formed taste buds for coffee. Almost three years later, I now enjoy my coffee best as shots of espresso with just a splash of creamer. We purchase these Nespresso pods AND Peets espresso pods.


Streaming Services – I have not had cable since I lived in the dorms and have absolutely no desire for it. As a family we pay for the Disney+ package (Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+) and Amazon Prime, . The boys love using Disney+ for their movies and I love watching the classics from when I was a kid! With ESPN+, Brian has been able to keep with his sports . . . when they are playing. We love Amazon Prime for their kid shows and Jack Ryan. Hulu is my personal favorite because I can watch several current TV shows and Handmaids Tale. We borrow Netflix and enjoy watching new movies and shows such as The Last Kingdom and The Great British Baking Show.

Bug-A-Salt – A couple of years ago, I gifted this to Brian because I thought he might have fun with it. Since then, I find myself using it for those annoying flies and spiders! It has been a game changer for this girl who absolutely dislikes having to kill a spider.

KitchenAid mixer – This is a game changer. Since Brian gifted me one, my love for baking has soared beyond what I ever could have expected. I use this kitchen item more than anything else in my kitchen.


Amazon Echo – I love our Echo and Miller loves Alexa! We pay for Amazon Prime and Prime Music; therefore, you will often find background music playing with our playlists we have made. Our boys also love asking Alexa to play their favorite songs from their favorite movies. If you follow me on Instagram, you will often see our daily dance parties!

Portable charger – We all know that during this time at home, we will be couch surfing more than ever or will be using our home computers/phone more than normal causing our batteries to be drained. This charger can hold up to ninety-two hours of battery life AND has two USB ports to simultaneously charge two devices at once. I love throwing this in my purse when running out of town.

Folex – I JUST got this but have already used it on three stains on our furniture. It almost completely removed each stain! This works much better than any stain remover I have purchased from a store. With two boys under three years old, this will be a daily essential in our household.


bed sheets – We used to pay a good amount of money for our bedsheets . . . and then they ripped. I was so upset. Since staying at a dear friends home, we now use these from Amazon! For less than thirty dollars you can easily provide an even more comfortable stay for you and your guests. These are an affordable MUST.

baskets – I have baskets everywhere. I love them. I cannot live in my home without them. With having a habit of keeping sentimental gifts and having two young boys, I use baskets to hold toys, blankets, books, etc. I usually find all of my baskets at HomeGoods, TJMaxx, or Marshalls but have also found some at Aldi and Target. I use woven rope baskets for the boys’ toys, these wicker baskets for books, blankets, and all other decor!


air fryer – Since receiving this from my mother for Christmas, it has been used almost daily! Most of our vegetables are now prepared with our air fryer: brussels sprouts, fresh green beans, broccoli, potatoes, kale, etc. We also love frying chicken wings and beef sausage! Most recipes only require olive oil, salt, pepper, and some spices! It has also been a great help in heating up our sons french fries, chicken nuggets, and tater tots.

vacuum – This vacuum is a game changer. Last year Brian surprised me with this vacuum after our cheap one would wake up all of our neighbors. Brian chose this one over the popular Dyson cordless because you do not have a time limit of forty-five minutes or less of use OR have to wait for the vacuum to be fully charged for use. We also loved how this one can be used on carpet and wood flooring without any adjustments. If you have pets, this was rated highly for pet hair. I find myself vacuuming also every single day now!

Poo-Pourri – We all do it. We all do not want to smell it. This is a must to keep in all of your restrooms for not only your spouse but also so that your guests feel comfortable enough to completely be themselves hahahaha.

Other items I love having on hand are comfy blankets, fun table books, interactive games, and loads of candles on hand!

Let me know what items you have at home that you couldn’t live without! Comment below!

love always, kylie



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