miller shares his 12 favorite books

Miller has been read to on a daily basis since he was still growing within me! Brian would lay his head close to my torso and read the Bible to Miller in hopes he would know Brian’s voice. And since his birth, we all have been obsessed with reading together!

At a couple of months old, we continued with reading the Bible every single night and when Miller got to be old enough to “pick” a book (approximately six months old and by grabbing for one of two books we would hold up), we also read to him throughout the day! Miller’s bedtime books have been my most treasured moments of each day because of the excitement he has when we say, “want to pick out books to read?” Now at almost twenty-two months old, we read usually six – ten books (sometimes it might be the same book six times) per day AND another two – four at bedtime.

We always let Miller pick out which book(s) he wants to read and will gladly read to him for as long as he wants! I believe our record was fourteen different books back to back one afternoon!

Miller has now read over three hundred different books by going to the library at least once a week and I cannot wait to see that list grow and grow. We use the app “Goodreads” to document which books he has read so that we are always grabbing new ones. Of those books, I wanted to share some of Miller’s absolute favorites that all happen to be books we own at home!


The Wheels On the Bus – While there are tons of variations of this book, we recommend this one the best! We were gifted this book by Dolly Parton’s Imaginary Library and since opening it, it has been read at least once every single day. This book remains Miller’s favorite book of all time. He requests it to be read at every single nap time, play time, bedtime – anytime ALL day long! We made up our own motions for each page and he quickly learned them and gets SO dang excited when we go through each page.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar – This classic book was Miller’s second book he clung onto to read daily; and he still does! He loves pointing to the caterpillar on each page, poking his fingers in the holes mimicking bites, and LOVES seeing the beautiful butterfly at the end.

Goodnight Moon – Knowing that Miller enjoys this book makes me cry. It was my favorite as a child AND the book we read nightly IS the book I had when I was his age. So sentimental. We taught him where to find the mouse on each page and he has each one memorized so well he sometimes gets ahead of himself haha.

Goodnight Brew – My sister Jourdan gifted Miller this book when he was born because my husband is an avid beer lover. He tore into it and read it the second we got it and he still asks Miller to read it before anything else ha! This book was actually Miller’s FIRST favorite book and chose it every single night at bedtime for MONTHS. This book was written in such a cute way shadowing Goodnight Moon while teaching even me about the brewing process! This is our #1 recommendation out of this list (it is just so different and unique)!

Polar Bear, Polar Bear what do you Hear? – This book is an oldie but a goodie! It has just recently become one of Miller’s nightly requests to read. He always points to each animal’s mouth . . . no idea why, but he loves it.

Littles : And How They Grow – We received this book in the mail as part of the Dolly Parton’s Imaginary Library and while I thought it might be silly, Miller has been obsessed with it! He loves pointing to the babies on each page and watching them grow!

A B C Look At Me – Again, this book we received from Dolly Parton’s Imaginary Library (oh how much I love that program). I actually almost put this one in a donation box but before I could, Miller got his hands on it. He loves looking and learning about all of the babies’ emotions, feelings, and expressions! We also get to sing the “ABC” song at the end – or well, I sing it.

Sing With Me – I purchased this for Miller after seeing it on almostmakesperfect’s Instagram! We first purchased this one because Miller LOVES “The Wheels On The Bus” and it has that song in this book. For Christmas we got him the second one and enjoy it just as much. Miller has so much fun pushing the buttons on each page to play each song and even more so, dancing to the music!


I Spy With My Little Eye – My sweet cousin gifted Miller this book and I couldn’t be more thankful. It has now become a nightly read. Miller slams on his hand on each colored shape and loves getting to the moon in the end! I love knowing we are teaching him colors and shapes when reading this to him.

The Foot Book – Who knew this classic would be one of his favorites! We lift up Miller’s left or right foot for each “left foot, right foot” part in the book and he gets so excited!

The Bible – My cousin and her daughter gifted this to Miller at my baby shower and it made me cry. His first Bible. At a couple of months old, we read a Bible story to him every single night and even at such a young age, he loved it! He still does actually. He will randomly ask to read the Bible and it is the sweetest thing. He read through the entire Bible before a year old (something I still haven’t completed)!

The Wheels On the Bus: Wild Safari (Poke-A-Dot!) – Whoever created and wrote this book was so clever! This book puts a new spin on “Wheels On The Bus” while the children can POKE A DOT on each page counting up to ten! If I had to suggest any book to gift, gift this one! It teaches the children about counting, about safaris, the “Wheels On The Bus” song, and more! It is big, fun, and very interactive!



I hope one of Miller’s favorite books is new to you and that you try it out for you and your children! What are some of your favorites? I would love to know in the comments below!

love always, kylie

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