every day personal items worth splurging on

As I have learned how true the saying “quality over quantity” is, I have taken my time in investing in GOOD quality every day products I use. I was once that woman that would buy something she liked because it was on sale . . . or maybe I liked it because it was on sale. While that idea still rings true for minor things such as the Target dollar section (I can’t ever seem to get away from that aisle), for most other areas of my spending, I have come to the realization that some items just are “worth the cost.”

While some of the items below may not work out for you, I hope they inspire you to find every day useful items you will LOVE!

Sugar Lip Treatment

Who doesn’t always have lip balm on hand? I once received a sample of this particular Sugar Lip Treatment and felt such a difference in the softness and hydration of my lips that it became the lip balm I kept at my bedside to apply every morning and night. Once I ran out I whined not wanting to spend the $24 this balm costs, but you know what . . . I spent $26 on the Sugar Advanced Therapy balm for the winter months and it has been SO worth it. I just can’t seem to enjoy any other lip balm as much. I’d say the other six thousand five star reviews agree!


Ray-Ban Sunglasses

The sun hurts my eyes. I do not care how bright or cloudy it is outside – I squint and am just miserable. I also have an oddly shaped face and cannot fit into adult sunglasses properly; therefore, I have never liked sunglasses on me. I have such a hard time finding any fit or style in glasses that I feel confident in. My father knew this and after years of purchasing his own Ray-Ban’s, he gifted me a pair of my choosing for a Christmas gift one year. For over three years now, these have not left my purse or my head haha. While the exact style I own is no longer available, this pair is practically identical! I have the size small and love how durable they have been. Purchasing them at Sunglass Hut has also ensured that I have lifetime frame adjusting and cleaning.


Living Proof Dry Shampoo

I once refused to spend more than $6 on any hair product. Now I spend an average of $15-$30 on shampoo and have found this Living Proof Dry Shampoo to be worth the cost. This specific dry shampoo has allowed me to go two to three days in between hair washings, which has been good for my naturally greasy hair. If you do try this, be sure to follow the directions exactly, AND I believe I found it at Target for $10 less!

Clarisonic Mia

When I was pregnant with Miller, my skin could never make up its mind. After speaking with beauty reps at multiple stores, they all recommended a Clarisonic. They all stated that while you can spend tons of money on face washes, it came down to actually cleaning your skin – something not all face washes do. Thanks to my husband, I have now been using a Clarisonic for over one and a half years! My face has had much less breakouts, better smoothness, and overall just feels healthier. It seems this exact style is no longer made and instead this is the one the company recommends! I alternate washing my face with the Philosophy Exfoliating Facial Wash and the Giovanni facial cleanser.


CHI Curling Iron

I have tried SO many cheap curling irons. So many that I probably could have now purchased the most expensive curling iron on the market. I do believe there are numerous excellent curling irons out there (per many Instagram bloggers) to purchase, but for some reason I have always wanted to try out one by the brand CHI. I do not straighten my hair because it is naturally sooooo straight but I have used by best friends CHI curling iron (linked here – and it’s on SUPER sale right now) and loved it. After years of searching at Marshall’s, I finally found one for less than $40 earlier this month! (I still couldn’t bring myself to spend over $50 on something I do not use as often now that I rarely have time to get myself ready #motherhood) I love this curling iron so much that I threw away my cheaper Revlon iron the same day.


Lash Boost

Okay, yes this is expensive and yes I am waiting to purchase it again for when I can get it on discount . . . but this stuff is amazing. I once got false lashes put on and LOVED them. Until all of my eyelashes fell off with them (if you look at Miller’s newborn pictures you can see that). Don’t get me wrong, if I had the money I would get false lashes put on ALL of the time but realistically and financially I do not. When I was postpartum after Miller, I splurged and purchased the Rodan + Fields Lash Boost in hopes it would help my lashes grow back and feel beautiful again. After twelve weeks of use, I had never been happier with my lashes! Unfortunately, I did not take an after picture. And again, unfortunately, this is a product you need to use continually. BUT, once I can get a decent discount, I will be purchasing this again and again!


Peter Roth Water Drench

Skin care has become important to me. It has been since I was 19, but as you have gathered by now, I wouldn’t spend much money on advanced skin care unless I could get a discount. While the Giovanni Moisturizer is still a favorite affordable option, my all item favorite moisturizer is the Peter Roth Water Drench Cloud Cream. I have tried brands including Tula, Origins, Philosophy, Juice Beauty, and more, but nothing has worked as good on my skin as the Water Drench.

TWO other every day items I recommend investing in are a ultra comfy bra and a nice purse.

I have never been willing to spend more than $25 on a bra but after years and years of discomfort and a breastfed child later . . . I didn’t care how much I needed to spend to feel confident and comfortable. After being measured, I came to learn I was much larger chested than I thought and had been wearing the wrong size all along. Since finding the correct size and a perfectly designed bra for my chest size, I now can only think of wearing bras by the brand Natori. After trying on correctly sized bras at Target, Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom, etc. I have fallen in love with this bra and also own this gorgeous one. They even have my favorite fit in a nursing style I hope to purchase soon!

I always admired my friends’ Michael Kors bags but refused to spend the money on one or ask for one as a gift. My sweet sweet husband heard me talking about my friends’ bags once and completely surprised me one Christmas with a Michael Kors of my own. To date, it is my favorite purse EVER because of its durability, easy cleaning, and classic look (the color linked is not what I own because they no longer make the color I have it in). I have recently purchased another one with a gift card and cannot wait to use it. While your purse investment does not have to be a Michael Kors, I do recommend owning a purse you can comfortably use on a daily basis that will endure all that we carry as women and mothers!

If you are like me, some items you REALLY want are still hard to spend the money on. My advice is gift cards. For my birthday and holidays, I ask for gift cards to the stores that have the products I know I am on the hunt for. Brian is also really really good at getting me some of the bigger items for anniversaries (I love you!).

love always, kylie

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