DockATot: from deluxe to grand

when planning for our baby registry approximately a year ago, we tried to list only items we knew were necessary. while we had wipes, swaddles, bottles, a carrier, a stroller, and of course a car seat listed, i knew i wanted one “splurge” item. that item was the DockATot.

before we knew it, miller arrived, and we still did not have the dreamed about DockATot (i was doing the dreaming). at a week old, after failed attempts to sleep in a cradle and rock n play, we purchased the DockATot Deluxe and it arrived two days later! not only was miller’s sleep much improved, ours was too.


the DockATot clearly made us all more comfortable. from naps, to bedtime, he would only wake when ready to eat. the DockATot was designed to mimic a mother’s womb, which i loved the idea of because miller does love feeling snug! for those who ask, we co-slept with miller in his DockATot for three weeks and moved him to his crib without his DockATot (DockATot does not recommend crib use with their product). while he transitioned well for bedtime, he still slept in his DockATot when we did not use his crib.


as he grew, his deluxe DockATot did not. being in the 97% size percentile for everything, we knew he needed to be transitioned to the DockATot Grand! thankfully, DockATot was so gracious in supporting this transition for us! at seven months old and over 21 pounds, miller was needing the grand just as much as his mommy! i’ll be honest, when it arrived, brian made the comment, “i think you could sleep in that thing!” it is huge, but oh so perfect.


at home, the Grand Tot is usually found set up in our sunroom for a safe environment for him to play in or on our bed for him while i get ready for the day.


what we look forward to with our DockATot is traveling. let me tell you, traveling with this versus a pack n play has been AMAZING. it is light weight, easily zipped up in its bag, and can be taken anywhere! we recently had a mini-vacation to Texas to visit some good friends, and it was the first item we packed.


being in a new environment can make it hard for anyone to sleep; the Grand Tot made it so nice knowing miller could have some comfort of home. he slept on the floor in his DockATot Grand next to our guest bed and did well!

we love our DockATot so much that Brian even used it last night at a friend’s house for miller to sleep in while i had girlfriends over for a galentines get-together. brian had to wake him up to bring him back home. it. is. that. good.


for those curious if the DockATot is for them, i can say i have so many mommy friends who have never had one and have been just fine, but i also have many who recommend the DockATot over and over . . . just like me. if only they made a version for us adults… life would be made.

love always, kylie

i received the item mentioned in this post for an honest review. as always, my opinions are 100% my own.

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