favorites of 2017

i feel like the year of 2017 was a year of firsts and favorites. first time home owner. first gray hair (thanks a lot miller). first time actually enjoying a beer. first stretch mark. first time being “the patients spouse” vs being the nurse. first iced breve. first time pumping in the middle of a crowded U2 concert (yes . . . i specifically wore a cardigan so that i didn’t have the leave the concert to pump). first time parent. a majority of these “firsts” have quickly become some of my new favorites . . . besides the gray hair.

because i am always searching for others “favorites” recommendations, i wanted to quickly share with you all what some of mine have been over this year! from skincare, to drinks, to “mommy must haves,” i have rounded up my top ten favorites!

  1. breve’s

    this rich coffee drink is perfect for anytime of the day and the best part is that i can make it at home every. single. day with my mr. coffee espresso machine! i personally love the rich flavor the calorie filled half and half adds to the espresso. thank you to my friend joee for introducing me to my new favorite coffee beverage. oh . . . if you’re counting calories . . . just ignore this favorite haha!

  2. ultra soft leggings

    some days you just want and crave comfort. i know leggings are not for everyone . . . who am i kidding – they are for everyone! i lived in these leggings all throughout my pregnancy and am back in them for this winter season. i pair them with an oversize sweater, longer tunic, flats, or boots for an everyday look! they are the softest of material paired with the perfect thickness without being too thick. they will and do “ball up” in areas where “chub rub” occurs, but for the price and comfort it is worth it to me! with over 150 reviews leaving an overall five star review says it all!

  3. giovanni detox system face moisturizer8F364082-EDAB-4F00-A469-78C0EA2FE832
    i have been on the hunt for an inexpensive face moisturizer . . . since forever. i have tried sooo many but am too cheap to go and purchase some expensive facial care that everyone else is trying. one day i found this moisturizer at marshalls and have now bought every single one i can find and have recently purchased more on amazon. this product has the perfect amount of thickness that leaves my combination skin feeling absolutely smooth and perfect. this moisturizer has no scent and you do not need much to apply to the entire face and neck. and the price is spot on too!!! i have recently started using their face wash, scrub, and mask too! i apply this after i first spray my frankincense and helicryosim!
  4. love to dream swaddle

    if this swaddle came in an adult size i’d be all for it. after miller transitioned out of his traditional swaddle, we placed him in the love to the dream swaddle and have used it every day since! the swaddles allows your little one to feel snug while maintaining the natural “hands in the face” baby position. when you or baby are ready to go “arms free” the arms zip off for the perfect transition! he is about to move up to the xl and final size of their swaddle – i have no idea what we will do he turns 14 and finally outgrows it ;).

  5. crockpot recipes

    crockpot recipes have quickly become my lifesaver. on days i just do not want to cook or on days i am working a 13 hour shift i can quickly prepare dinner first thing in the morning and not think about it again until we are ready to eat. if i am being honest, i use the crockpot on days i know brian would have to cook; therefore, our crockpot saves the day! some of our favorite recipes are
    creamy white chicken chililasagna soupchicken tortilla soup –
    chicken fajitaspork tenderloin

  6. seamless bible study

    though i first completed this bible study years ago, it is still and will always be a favorite. i did not grow up reading the bible nor knew much about some of the more unknown stories/events in the bibles; therefore, when i came upon this study i knew i needed it. i still need it. i absolutely love the flow of the study and how it takes you through the entire bible, making more sense of overall story. no matter much you already know about the bible or the lack of knowledge on biblical stories, this study is for YOU. i have bought seamless for sooo many and it has quickly become a favorite gift of mine! watch this video for more information on the study from its author, angie!

  7. blue berry jam berliner weisse F5A5242E-D1C3-4043-8424-BE0AEFB0DB37
    beer. some love it, some don’t. after years of trying every beer my husband enjoys, i have finally found four i like. i like to say i am finally acquiring the taste but prefer sticking to gose or sour beers. my three favorite beers are sadly seasonal and local only to the breweries where brewed but a recent purchasable favorite is Tallgrass Brewing Company’s blueberry jam. i like to think it has the perfect hint of tartness, blueberry, and wheat leaving new beer consumers happy! (brian is going to make fun of me in regards of how i describe beer :/).
  8. baby jogger city select stroller

    when pregnant and planning for miller there was one item i was willing on splurging on. that was one item was this oh so perfect city select stroller. i wanted a stroller that would last through all of my future children and had a lifetime warranty. a stroller that would fit more than one child and a stroller that was easy to get in and out of the vehicle. after much research we chose the baby jogger city select stroller and were more than spoiled and grateful to receive everything from my parents. as the description states it “starts out as a full-featured single stroller but can be configured to accommodate up to 3 kids.” i am not exaggerating when i say i love everything about this stroller! we also have the second seat, glider board, and all other features ready for when more children come along! watch this video to see just how amazing this stroller is!

  9. the community of Instagram

    over the last couple of years i have formed a love/hate relationship with instagram. i have a yearned for a community of women all around the united states that can come together . . . and just be well, women. i have found instagram to be a place of comfort, finding other women who have similar struggles, stories, and triumphs. while it has been a place of comfort and learning from others, it has been a place of comparison wishing i had the “perfect” life one can easily see on these every day pictures of seemingly perfection. while i felt this way much of 2016 and 2017, it was recently i chose joy and encouragement in this popular community over comparison and unreachable desires. it is my hope every woman has a community of women, friends, and/or family they can go to in every aspect of life! if you find yourself searching for that, i am here for you!

  10. buffalo red wine21D9331B-49A1-4152-A2D6-84F1F446E475
    i randomly purchased this wine in the fall of 2016 when our friends from California came to visit and i 100% purchased it because of the label and being made locally. this wine is our go-to and has quickly become a favorite of my family members and my best friend. it is the perfect semi-sweet red blend!

what are some of your new favorites from this year? i would love to hear your recommendations on anything and everything!

love always, kylie

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