Out with the Old & in with the New! DIY Bathroom Remodel

When looking for a home after moving to Kansas, we had a “want” list that included many things – a garage, three to four bedrooms, lots of windows, at least two bathrooms including a master bathroom, and a great room for entertaining guests. Did we get all of those items? No. Did those “missing wants” get replaced with even better features? Yes! No, we didn’t get a master bathroom. But instead we got a gorgeously huge sunroom attached to a beautiful back deck. What our home lacked in more modern style homes, our home gained with beautiful features only an older home could possess.

Because we do not have a master bathroom, our second story rooms share a bathroom that well . . . is small. I loved the bathrooms potential so I did not care! I knew with a little  love it would need completely redone for what I wanted and thankfully I have a handy husband who didn’t mind putting in the work for my dream “master bathroom!”

Bathroom BEFORE

This was a “before” picture from the prior owners before they painted it!


As you see in the pictures the bathtub wall needed replaced, the flooring definitely needed replaced, the vanity needed to go and the mirror as well! Really . . . everything went “out the window” with our remodel! Even the door! We noticed how much smaller the bathroom felt due to the door swinging inward. We replaced the door with an external sliding door which I blogged all about HERE. The only features we kept with the remodel were half of the bathroom walls and the ceiling.

Stage One

To start we tore out everything from the toilet, to the mirror, vanity, the trim, and the floor! We quickly painted the walls with the turquoise color called Raindrop at Sherwin Williams. I loved the pop of color the bathroom could have against the white and gray that would later be added. Next, my father and husband placed hardie-backer board down and placed my FAVORITE feature of the entire (tiny) bathroom. . .


the TILE (insert heart eye faces)


After hours and hours of online and in store shopping, I finally picked out this gorgeous Carrara Glazed Polished Porcelain floor tile that is so much prettier in person than in pictures! Literally. Guests comment on how beautiful the floor is now . . . men and women.


The next step was to replace the tub wall. Insert sigh.

When tearing out the wall we found . . . mold. Insert many tears AND more $$$$.

We had no choice and we hired our family friend and had our entire bathtub, shower wall, and drywall replaced. Despite the pain it costs to spend more money than we planned we knew everything needed to go and start from scratch!



After the shower was in place, Brian filled, primed, and painted the ceiling, repainted around the shower, placed new fixers in ceiling and wall, and staple gunned new trim around the bathroom! *And he had to replace a piece of the tub faucet he wanted me to add to this post haha! Again another $$$ (insert another sad face).*


Stage Two

And finally . . . it was finishing time! We quickly replaced the mirror (I purchased the mirror from HomeGoods and LOVE it – it matches more mirrors in our home) and vanity (also purchased from HomeGoods). The faucet was replaced and was the perfect match to a faucet in our main floor half bath!



After all my dreaming and my husbands hard work, our bathroom was complete!





Overall cost?

Paint (Sherwin Williams): $40
Floor tile (Home Depot): $80
Faucet (Lowes): $150
Vanity (HomeGoods): $150
Mirror (HomeGoods): $50
Light (Ikea): $25
Trim (Sutherlands): $20
Ceiling fan (Sutherlands): gifted to us
Tub/Shower (Sutherlands) + labor: $1600
Total: $2,065

**If you don’t need a new shower like we did, this project would be so cheap for your home! Just remember to shop the sales, or places like HomeGoods for the extra special deals and finds!

love always, kylie

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