To the best Husband and Father


My words will never enough describe my love for you. My actions will never enough display my love for you. And my heart will never stop loving you.

You are the man I always dreamed of being with. You are the best friend I always needed. You are the protector that makes me feel constantly secure. You are the provider that I never have to worry about. You are the husband that was perfectly and specifically designed for me. You are the absolute greatest gift God could ever give me.

With today being Father’s Day, I am not only here to tell you how much I have loved seeing you instantly become the best father our Miller could have; I am here to tell you how amazing you are and always have been as a husband. So in my eyes and heart, today my dear is all about you . . . Happy Husband’s Day! I love you for so many different reasons; each one specifically and uniquely you:

I love how you put our family first all the time.
I love your desire to serve me in any way you know I need.
I love how you have to have the kitchen cleaned up a certain way.
I love how you sneeze twice every time you walk outside into the bright sun.
I love your passion for the Royals, Kstate Basketball, and more than anything else, Disc Golf.
I love how you have the same bedtime routine no matter where we are.
I love your grilling skills!
I love how even though you hate spending money, you spend it well on me!
I love your love for beer, home brewing, and finding a new favorite brewery.
I love how hard you work so that I can work less.
I love you for putting up with my constant instagram picture taking.
I love how you could only watch How I Met Your Mother for the rest of your life and be content!
I love you for working SO hard to make our home, home.
I love you for your unconditional love for our son.
I love how no matter what stage of life we are in, you always love God first.

As love should be, my love for you is unconditional, never ending, and forever yours. Thank you for being the man God created you to be – just for me! It is my hope that not only today but everyday you know how appreciated and loved you are by me . . . and by Miller.

I love you with all that I am. Happy Husband’s Father Day!

love always, kylie

** Today I am also declaring as national Husband’s Day because really … they deserve it! 😉

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