DIY Sliding Door

Owning a home built in the 1930’s comes with so much character (it was a huge selling point for us) but lacks in the modern appeal of master bathrooms and larger closet space! It is a good thing I was (and still am) in love with our sunroom and back deck, that having practically zero closet space and the smallest second story bathroom didn’t matter in the end to us!

Once receiving the keys to our home, we took an entire evening to walk around our home and dream up what our home could look like . . . what we could do to make it our own.

I knew something had to change about our second story bathroom!

Bathroom door entrance BEFORE


Though this adorable door had precious character (I mean look at that original door knob – insert heart eye emoji), the door opened into the bathroom taking up most of its space.


The door literally hit the toilet and took up half of the walking space in the bathroom! When Brian asked what I wanted instead, the girliest of smirks came across my face and he knew right away . . . “you want a sliding door don’t you?” BINGO. My husband is the best.

Again, it was a dream . . . a dream that lasted during six months of “fixing up” our home and four months of living in our home. Though the door was removed immediately, we may have had a curtain in it’s place until recently when the husband of mine built me a sliding door (cue any cheesy “lovey dovey” song).

Our “Curtain Door” after our hallway remodel was completed

Paint colors: Extra White and Requiste Gray – Sherwin Williams

Being the handy man he is, he opted to build me a sliding door instead of purchasing one or finding an old antique door like I originally planned :). Because I did not want the “farm door” look he designed me the most simplest and of course white door, which turned out amazing!

We ran to our local home improvement store and chose 1 x 12 pine boards that we had cut the length we needed for our doorway.


Brian then used 1 x 4 pine boards to make the “frame” and piece together the 1 x 12’s. Using wood glue followed by nails placed with a nail gun, he added the frame for the front of the door.



Again, because I didn’t want the “farm door” look, he added details to the door by adding three 1 x 4’s to the middle of the door creating a more unified door look.



After a night of clamping the wood so that the glue would “set up and hold,” he filled in all the nail holes with wood putty and primed the door for paint.


The following evening, the door was completed after a couple coats of Extra White paint purchased at Sherwin Williams . . . and I was in door heaven! Now it was time to place the door in it’s permeant home! After what seemed like many hours of looking online for sliding door hardware, we chose a simple white piece from . . . Wal-Mart! Ummm, for those that know me – I do not enjoy Wal-Mart . . . but we could not beat the price (us DIY-er’s would rather spend the money on a nice vacation).


Before I knew it, our bathroom sliding door was UP and sliding! I unfortunately do not have pictures of the process because my husband chose to surprise me one evening after I got off work to see the door in place!

*Side note: If you do decide to go with the same hardware we chose, it’s perfect! But . . . it comes with NO instructions . . . only pictures! So just make sure you have patience :).



Brian placing the door handle purchased from Hobby Lobby

Sliding bathroom door AFTER



We could not be any happier with the results! You can’t beat having a sliding door placed in your home for under $100!

Pine wood approximately: $35
Sliding door hardware: $55
Door handle: $6
(paint was already on hand)

Hope you enjoyed our simple “DIY Sliding Door” and cannot wait to share our next project with you all . . . the bathroom! Want a sneak peak?

Bathroom Before


Bathroom AFTER


love always, kylie

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