Better days are coming

I’ll be honest. My heart isn’t here today. My heart hurts. My heart wants to be with one of my closest friends who is soon to be at the feet of Jesus. I am so selfishly sad I will never hear her precious laugh again, but I am so joyously happy she is soon to be with her husband, loved ones, and especially our Lord!

Knowing I still wanted to share a fun post with you all today, I felt today’s outfit was fitting for how my heart is currently feeling. This outfit, as you see, is perfect for those when all you can think about is . . . the weekend. 


This graphic t-shirt says it all. And so does the back! Check it out here!


These destructed jeans are PERFECT for every day wear! The destruction is just enough to add necessary detail. Because they are a “tomboy” fit, they provide the perfect slight stretch while maintaining form. The booties are also from maurices and after six hours, I still didn’t want to take them off! Who can say that often when wearing a wedge bootie?!

While I suggest adding all of these to your closet, more so, I beg you to hold your loved ones closer this evening. Yes, fashion is fun. But it is so temporary . . . just like life (here on Earth). Love on those you love most and do not go a moment without telling them, “I love you.”

Better days are coming. I trust that to be true because I trust our Lord.

Love always, Kylie

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