DIY Harry Potter Wood Decor

With the new Harry Potter book coming out this week I thought it would be the perfect time to share this Harry Potter inspired DIY Wood Decor I made recently!

When invited to a bridal shower, wedding, or birthday party, I am that one friend who rarely looks at the wish list and/or registry. If I do, it’s to know the individual’s or couple’s common theme. I am “that person” because I can’t help but follow my heart which happens to be led by the love language of gift giving/receiving.

I want my gifts to others to be personal and unique to their style. This DIY wood frame was no exception.


A dear friend of mine is getting married this fall and I wanted her bridal shower gift to show her how excited I am for her soon to be marriage! Being Harry Potter fans, I knew I wanted to make a forever gift that incorporated their love for the series and a phrase her fiancé used during his proposal, “The Unbreakable Vow” (a title to a chapter in the sixth book).

I quickly got my hands on free (yay!) plywood and with the help of my father, cut it down to 16×18 inches in size. I then painted the plywood with Waverly Chalk Paint in Plaster that I happened to have on hand already from a previous project!

While drying, I researched the Internet for the exact font used for the chapter titles in the Harry Potter books. I then easily downloaded the font LUMOS for free from here. A quick typing on Word and I printed off the words, “Our Unbreakable Vow” because we all know I had to make it more personal by replacing “The” with “Our.”

I mean look how similar these fonts turned out:

Next, I grabbed a recent newspaper and traced the saying and their wedding date onto the painted plywood with newspaper between the computer paper and plywood. Paper, newspaper, plywood. Using a pencil, I traced each letter with a decent amount of pressure and found all of the letters individually printed onto the plywood with the ink from the news paper! I will definitely be using this trick from now on!

I then used a thin black permanent marker to trace the letters, and lastly filled the letters in with Waverly Super Premium Semi-Gloss Acrylic Paint in black.

To make this DIY wood decor look nicer, I knew I wanted to add a simple wooden frame around the thin plywood. Using small left over wood (I am sorry I do not know the type of wood used!) my father had on hand, we used a table saw to cut out sections from each piece for the plywood to fit snug in and cut the edges down to fit the plywood (can be seen in the picture below). I then painted the pieces with Waverly Chalk Paint in Mineral and allowed them to dry before using wood glue to adhere the pieces around the plywood.

Once completely dried, this DIY Harry Potter “Unbreakable Vow” was complete! I honestly feel this post took longer to type up than the project took itself!  Seeing my friends smile when she saw this gift made all the time spent on it worth it! Now I am ready to make myself a unique decor specific to Brian and I hehehe . . .


Hope you enjoyed! If you have any questions on how this was made, please feel free to ask away!

Love always, Kylie

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