“Off Black” Shirt Dress

Recently, I found myself visiting a friend in Kansas City which included a yummy dinner with her family, lots of “nurse talk,” and of course shopping! How is it I always seem to find myself making any excuse to go shopping? 🙂

During this shopping adventure I found this simple yet adorable shirt dress that I had to share with you! Though it is labeled as “off black” in color, it is more of a washed dark grey that makes it specifically unique.

While the color stood out, it was the small details that made me pull this dress off the rack! The neckline is high sitting right at the collarbone, the sleeves are the PERFECT length (especially for those ladies who aren’t confident in their arms like me!), and the open back . . . oh the open back! See for yourself 🙂


This dress can easily fit into your every day life whether it be a day of running errands, a day of shopping with your girlfriends, or a nice date day with your man!

  • The bra is another must! Titled “The Lounge Bra,” it provides the supported needed while maintaining the comfort also desired by women. Get it while it is only $15.99

I’d love to know your most loved shirt dresses in your closest! Send them my way pretty please 🙂 I can never have enough . . .

Love always, Kylie

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