Date Night Lace Dress

July 2nd marked three years since Brian asked me to marry him. Our proposal day was perfect. He did an amazing job at making me feel like a princess all day, leading to the most romantic surprise proposal. What made our particular proposal even more special was that it included the three words every couple shares, “I love you.” I knew he loved me prior to that moment but finally hearing it made everything so real . . . and the ring even more real!

Okay I know we aren’t here to hear all about me – so let’s get on with this adorable dress I snatched up recently . . . on sale!


Anniversaries are important to me. They mark events and/or dates in peoples lives that mean more to them than anyone else. Our engagement anniversary is no different. I knew we’d be going on a date to celebrate and I wanted to wear a perfect dress that would make me feel just as beautiful as I did on the day Brian asked me to be his wife.

This adorable black lace dress was it. I had been eyeing this dress for over a month before finally swiping my card and making it mine. I am so glad I waited because it’s now on sale for $19.99!


The length is perfect. The comfort is perfect. Being able to wear a normal bra is perfect! It’s the small things right ladies?! haha.

If you have any favorite date night dresses you recommend, please send them my way!

Love always, Kylie


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